Author Jacob Matthew Dix

Jacob is an author and mobile photography enthusiast with a history of abstract art and pen & ink. His writing began abruptly in 2000, when on a whim he took a creative writing course that culminated in The Keeper of Xanadu. Further stories developed, and a number of recurring themes caused him to assemble them into There Is No Rest.

Jacob’s photography website,, is a journal of his exploration of the art of mobile photography, as well as a resource for aspiring photographers. Some of his mobile photography is featured here on He has been writing about his smartphone artistry since 2012. His mobile art has been published in NovoPulp Speculative Fiction Anthology (issues 1 & 2) and his articles on mobile photography published in Android Life Magazine.

He lives south of Stockholm with his wife and two children. He has a Master of Arts in education and history and is currently a High School English teacher.

Don’t hesitate to contact him.