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There Is No Rest Cover Final
September 25th, 2015
  • The Cover

I’m happy to say that I’m finished with the cover of my anthology There Is No Rest. I chose this image because I found it very symbolic of the seeker in the story The Keeper Of Xanadu. In it the seeker wanders through the icy mountains and blazing, bleak sun to find the forgotten and magical paradise Xanadu. It is a restless quest.

  • The Image

The photo itself is taken on a Nikon D50, while the editing is done on my Galaxy S5 using Photo Editor. The typeface is Prosto One, while the colors of the title and my name, drawn from the image itself, are a contrasting cool grey violet and a warm and bright yellow.

The image conveys for me something of the isolation and possibilities of There Is No Rest and it’s various stories.

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