There Is No Rest Is Open

There Is No Rest Is Open
April 27th, 2015
  • Open

There Is No Rest is now open. I am happy to report that my anthology of short stories is going to be published. I do not have any dates to reveal yet. In preparation for that date, however, I will be promoting the book by simply talking about it, quoting from it, telling some background history and juicy details about the individual stories and my writing of them. Maybe I’ll share a portion of this story, the background behind that story, the reason behind the choices I made in writing a line or choosing a name. As a bonus, I’ll include some of my mobile photography work for those visually inclined.

  • The Site

If you know of my website, then you know of the thorough work I put into making this site beautiful, functional and of course minimal. Only quality. I have remained loyal to Theme Cobra‘s minimal WordPress themes, in this case, Deliciously Simple.

  • About There Is No Rest

The anthology is a collection of ten pieces of fiction writing. Some have roots in various true stories, while others are completely fictional, delving into the fantastic and the science fictional. I hope you find beautiful, informative and entertaining. It is meant to add both context and intrigue to the anthology itself.

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Jacob Matthew Dix

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